Genetic Health Services

Genetic counseling is the educational process of giving patients and their family members information about birth defects, genetic diseases, or other medical conditions that tend to run in a family. A genetic evaluation may include a review of family history or medical records or performing tests. It might include examining the patient or relatives who may be at risk.

You might benefit from a genetics clinic session if you have questions about:

  • The cause of a medical condition or developmental problem.
  • The chance of the same condition showing up in your children or other relatives.
  • Available choices based on an understanding of medical genetics, existing treatments, and other factors.
  • Recent genetic discoveries and current research about your condition.
  • Where to find medical specialists, community resources and parent support groups in your area or nationally.

For more information on genetic services email or call toll free 1-866-852-1247.

Make the most of your Genetics Clinic visit

Communication is the key to a worthwhile visit so be prepared when you go to your visit! Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Share information about your family’s health history.
  • Ask your genetics health care provider any questions you might have about the care or treatment you or a loved one is receiving.
  • Ask your genetic counselor to explain a word or phrase if you do not understand.
  • Write down your questions and bring them with you to your appointment.
  • Help your genetics team by talking about any change in health status, no matter how small.
  • Express your personal and cultural beliefs.
  • Make informed personal decisions.

DISCLAIMER: The list of genetics clinics includes facilities in Michigan with geneticists and/or genetic counselors who are certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics or the American Board of Genetic Counseling. This directory is included for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the MI Genetics Resource Center or any state/federal agencies. You may want to ask your own health care provider about a referral for genetic services.

Below is a brief listing of where you or your family members can go for genetic counseling services in Michigan. The outreach sites are staffed by genetics professionals from the medical centers.

Another resource for identifying genetic counseling services is the Michigan Association of Genetic Counselor’s Clinic Directory and the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

Ann ArborUniversity of Michigan
Ann ArborCancer Genetics Clinic734-647-8906
Ann ArborOcular Genetics Clinic734-936-8638
Ann ArborBreast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program734-764-0107
Ann ArborMedical Genetics Clinic (adult)734-763-2532
Ann ArborPediatrics Genetics Clinic734-764-0579
Ann ArborNeurogenetic Disorders Clinic (all ages)734-936-3087
Ann ArborPerinatal Assessment Center734-763-4264
Ann ArborDisorders/Differences of Sex Development734-232-0436
DearbornBeaumont Hospital - Dearborn
DearbornClinical Cytogenetics313-593-8483
DetroitDetroit Medical Center/Wayne State University
DetroitChildren's Hospital Genetics & Metabolism Clinic313-745-5437
DetroitBarbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute Cancer Genetic Counseling Service313-576-8748
DetroitHutzel Hospital Prenatal Genetics Clinic313-745-7066
DetroitUniversity Health Center Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease Clinic & Neurogenetics Clinic (adult)313-577-1689
DetroitHenry Ford Health System Clinical Genetics (reproductive and cancer)313-916-3188
East LansingMichigan State University
East LansingGenetics Clinic517-884-8600
Grand RapidsSpectrum Health
Grand RapidsSpectrum Health Cancer Genetics Services616-486-6218
Grand RapidsSpectrum Health Medical Genetics (Pediatric & Adult)616-391-2700
Grand RapidsSpectrum Health Maternal Fetal Medicine (Prenatal)616-391-3681
MidlandMid-Michigan Medical Center800-999-3199
MidlandCancer Genetic Counseling Services989-839-6185
OkemosMichigan State University
OkemosPediatric Genetic Services517-349-6560
Royal OakWilliam Beaumont Hospital
Royal OakPediatric Genetics Clinic248-551-4363
Royal OakReproductive Genetics Clinic248-551-0395
Royal OakCancer Genetics Program248-551-3388
Traverse CityMunson Medical Center
Outreach SitesTraverse City by University of Michigan734-764-0579