Teaching Tools

This page provides links to a variety of teaching activities and learning modules for teachers and students. The Genetics to Genomics curriculum was developed by teachers for teachers and incorporates materials for teaching topics such as family history, multifactorial traits, and genetic variation. The top learning modules and lessons are listed in the highlighted box with additional teaching tools listed below.

Highlighted Resources

GeneEd - Genetics, Education, Discovery

GeneEd Web, developed and maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Human Genome Institute (NHGRI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), is a safe and useful resource for students and teachers in grades 9 - 12 to learn genetics. The Web site allows the user to explore topics such as Cell Biology, DNA, Genes, Chromosomes, Heredity/Inheritance Patterns, Epigenetics/Inheritance and the Environment, Genetic Conditions, Evolution, Biostatistics, Biotechnology, DNA Forensics, and Top Issues in Genetics.

US Surgeon General's Family Health History Initiative

This initiative focuses on the importance of family history and encourages all American families to learn more about their own histories and provides a Family History Portrait Tool to track and share this information among family members.