Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening is a public health program to find babies with rare but serious disorders that require early treatment to prevent disability or death. The Michigan Newborn Screening Program tests for more than 50 medical conditions. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services works with hospitals and midwives to make sure babies are screened and assure that children with a disorder receive proper treatment. Each year, more than 250 Michigan babies are found and treated through newborn screening. For more information about newborn screening and a complete list of resources for families, please visit Some key resources for Michigan’s Newborn Screening Program can be viewed below.

Highlighted Resources

Inborn Errors of Metabolism Treatment

Diet for Life treatment for individuals with inborn errors of metabolism requires access to multiple types of medical foods, formulas, medications and supplements along with careful diet monitoring and modifications by specialists throughout the lifespan. Michigan and national resources are provided here to help understand and access insurance coverage for these products.

Michigan BioTrust for Health

The Michigan BioTrust for Health is an initiative to make leftover newborn screening samples more useful and available for medical or public health research. Explore the website for more information targeted towards new parents, health professionals, available consent options, and dried blood spot research.