Patients & Families

Are you a patient, parent, or family member looking for information about a genetic condition, risk factor, or birth defect? This webpage is a gateway to help you find Michigan and national resources on a variety of health topics. Follow the links below to view highlighted resources, hot topics of interest, and additional information.

Highlighted Resources

Michigan BioTrust for Health

The Michigan BioTrust for Health is an initiative to make leftover newborn screening samples more useful and available for medical or public health research. Explore the website for more information targeted towards new parents, health professionals, available consent options, and dried blood spot research.

Pre-Participation Sports Screening For Michigan Student Athletes

This pre-participation sports physical examination form must be filled out before any Michigan student practices with any athletic team. This form helps determine if a student is physically fit to participate in a variety of sports depending on their family history and personal health issues.

SCDY Surveillance Update 2007-2016

This report is an updated version of the report Too Young to Die from 2012 which analyzed sudden cardiac death (SCD) occurrence, specifically among youth from 1-39 years of age. It includes updated death certificate data from 2007-2016, background information on SCD, mortality statistics, case reviews and potential prevention practices.

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