Additional Resources

Is It in Your Genes? by Philip R. Reillly - Book and companion website

NIH Curriculum Supplements - (they are free and support inquiry, highly recommended)

Educational Materials from the National Human Genome Research Institute Educational materials about genetics and genomics for students, teachers and the general public

Human Genome Project Education Kit

Human Genome Landmarks Poster: Chromosome Viewer View each chromosome and its genes by just clicking on it.

Bioinformatics and the Human Genome Project

Human Genome Project Educational Resources

Genome: The Secret of How Life Works

Blazing a Genetic Trail - HHMI Report that can be downloaded

Understanding gene testing - FREE 31 page booklet and slide set (can view booklet online)

NOVA: Cracking the Code of Life - 2 hour video that can be viewed online or purchased

DNA from the beginning: a tutorial

Gel Electrophoresis Animation

Animations of many molecular biology techniques such as PCR and sequencing

Molecular Biology Tutorials on Gene Expression and Gene Cloning

Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms

HHMI's Holiday Lecture Series on Science

Your Genes Your Health - Information on Many Disorders

Genetics Home Reference - Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions

Center for Genetics Education

Genetic Disease Information

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

Cancer Genetics

Genetics and Cancer

Michigan's Cancer Website


Pharmacogenomics: Drugs Designed for You

Gene Testing

Gene Therapy

Genetic Counseling

Preventing Chronic Disease - CDC Journal

Your Genes Your Choices, Exploring the Issues Raised by Genetic Research

National Human Genome Research Institute - Information for teachers and students

Access Excellence

Genetic Science Learning Center

Learn Genetics Website

Teach Genetics Website

Chronic Disease Genomics Program

The American Museum of Natural History: The Genomic Revolution

Genetics Education Center - University of Kansas Medical Center

Dolan DNA Learning Center's Gene Almanac

Genetics Education Partnership (Activities for all grade levels)

Human Chromosome Launchpad (All you ever wanted to know about each chromosome)

Human Genome Project Image Gallery