Are You Susceptible Benchmarks for Michigan Teachers

Heredity (HS1)

Explain how characteristics of living things are passed on from generation to generation.

Key concepts: Traits-dominant, recessive. Genetic material-gene pair, gene combination, gene sorting.

Real-world contexts: Common contexts-inheritance of a human genetic disease/disorder, such as sickle cell anemia; a family tree focused on certain traits; examining animal or plant pedigrees.

Heredity (MS2)

Describe how heredity and environment may influence/determine characteristics of an organism.

Key concepts: Traits - inherited, acquired.

Real-world contexts: Data on heredity, such as identical twin studies, effects of introduced toxins, effects of natural selection, effects of controlled selection and breeding.

Constructing (HS5)

Discuss topics in groups making clear presentations restating or summarizing what others have said, asking for clarification or elaboration, taking alternative perspectives and defending a position.

Key Concepts: logical argument, summary, clarification, elaboration, alternative perspectives.

Real-world contexts: newspaper or magazine articles discussing a topic of social concern.