"Acting on Information about Cancer" Activity Michigan Benchmarks

Constructing (HS4)

Gather and synthesize information from books and other sources of information.

Key concepts: Scientific journals, text- and computer-based reference materials.

Real-world contexts: Libraries, technical reference books, Internet, computer software.

Constructing (HS5)

Discuss topics in groups making clear presentations restating or summarizing what others have said, asking for clarification or elaboration, taking alternative perspectives and defending a position.

Key Concepts: Logical argument, summary, clarification, elaboration, alternative perspectives.

Real-world contexts: Newspaper or magazine articles discussing a topic of social concern.

Reflecting (HS1)

Justify plans or explanations on a theoretical or empirical basis.

Key concepts: Aspects of logical argument, including evidence, fact, opinion, assumptions, claims, conclusions, observations.

Real-world contexts: Any in the sections on Using Scientific Knowledge.

Organization of Living Things (HS4)

Explain how living things maintain a stable internal environment.

Key concepts: Related systems/cells/chemicals--excretory system, endocrine system, circulatory system, hormones, immune response, white blood cell, bacteria, virus. Factors/mechanisms under control--temperature, disease/infection, homeostasis.

Real-world contexts: Mechanisms for maintaining internal stability, such as body temperature, disease control.

Organizations of Living Things (HS5)

Describe technologies used in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, and explain its function in terms of human body processes.

Key concepts: Available technologies--sanitation, adequate food and water supplies, inoculation, antibodies, biochemistry, medicines, organ transplants.

Real-world contexts: Common contexts for these technologies--health maintenance and disease prevention activities, such as exercise and controlled diets; health monitoring activities, such as cholesterol and blood pressure checks and various tests for cancer.