About MCGA


The Michigan Cancer Genetics Alliance (MCGA) strives to promote awareness and advance appropriate application of genomics to improve cancer prevention, detection, and treatment throughout Michigan.


MCGA logoAs a collaborative network of genetics experts and others with an interest in cancer genomics, the Michigan Cancer Genetics Alliance (MCGA) serves as the leading resource on cancer genetics in the state of Michigan. MCGA promotes quality utilization of genetics technology and clinical genetics services to improve care and health outcomes through education, leadership, and advocacy.


MCGA is open to individuals and organizations with an interest and/or expertise in cancer genetics, agree with the MCGA mission, and are willing to assist in moving the agenda forward toward our common vision.

  • Privileges of membership: MCGA is an organization with representation on the Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC). All members have voting privileges on MCGA issues. MCGA members with expertise (in genetics, epidemiology, and/or oncology) are eligible for MCGA leadership roles.
  • Benefits of membership: There are no membership fees. As a member you are eligible to be part of the MCGA listserv, receive the MCC Update newsletter, be listed on the MCGA Cancer Genetics Services Directory, suggest postings for the MCGA website, attend MCGA membership meetings for education and networking, view media/press releases, and be kept apprised of CEU and CME opportunities.
  • Responsibilities of membership: Participation is defined as attendance at one or more membership meetings per year OR on one conference call of an MCGA committee. As a volunteer organization, MCGA greatly values your time and commitment as a member.
For more information contact genetics@michigan.gov or call 1-866-852-1247.